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General Clinicians


Elizabeth Back

Occupational Therapist

Elizabeth is an experienced Occupational Therapist who is committed to helping people optimise their occupational engagement and quality of life. She has had extensive experience in providing Occupational Therapy to a diverse range of client groups that include traumatic brain injury and other neurological impairment; intellectual disability, paediatric special needs; adolescent psychiatry; orthopaedics; rheumatology, chronic pain management, burns and aged care.
Specific skills include implementing comprehensive neuro-cognitive assessments of people with mild to moderate cognitive impairment and developing and implementing cognitive rehabilitation treatment programs, sensory modulation intervention, chronic pain management techniques, life skills building, lifestyle redesign and group work.
Of special interest to Elizabeth is working with people with cognitive impairment. Elizabeth has four adult children, one of whom has down syndrome. This journey has contributed to Elizabeth passion and experience with people with intellectual disability and her strong commitment in providing person centred care to facilitate and empower a person to live a full and meaningful life despite a disability

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