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Senior Clinician 

Parallel Lines

Macarena Zamorano

Senior Occupational Therapist- Psychosocial

Macarena is a skilled occupational therapist with a degree from the University of Chile, boasts extensive experience in healthcare across Australia and Chile. Macarena specialises in understanding the impact of conditions and environments on individuals, she collaborates effectively to optimize functioning levels in diverse settings.

Since 2013, Macarena's career has focused on comprehensive interventions for children and families in vulnerable contexts, emphasizing client empowerment and well-being. Her clinical expertise covers mental health, community, and paediatrics interventions, specifically in ASD, ADHD, anxiety disorders, sensory processing disorders, early intervention, and global developmental delays. Committed to upholding human rights and ensuring equitable access, Macarena provides evidence-based therapy. She promotes empowerment through engaging in meaningful activities, aiming to enhance overall well-being within marginalized communities.

Certified in Sensory Integration by the University of Southern California and the Chilean Corporation of Sensory Integration, she fluently communicates in Spanish and English, ensuring effective interaction with clients from diverse cultural backgrounds.

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