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Art Therapy

Exploration of emotional and physical issues associated with Disabilities through Art. 

Art Therapy
Art Therapy

Art Psychotherapists work with all age groups to support individuals or groups with any disability or mental health issue. Art Psychotherapists can also provide additional support for family members, care providers and other organisations. Art Therapy is particularly helpful for people with communication difficulties, because unlike traditional talking therapies, the art making process provides a non-verbal sensory way to express experiences, feelings, thoughts, ideas, fears, hopes and dreams in a creative manner. Art Therapy offers an active participatory and engaged role for participants in therapy sessions that improves problem-solving skills to evoke change.


Art Therapy will help you explore your goals, issues, or barriers in a fun, relaxed, creative, self expressive way through painting, drawing, collage, clay, sand or other art mediums. You do not need to have any prior art experience. Our art therapists will work with your goals in mind to provide a calm, supportive, non-judgemental environment that nurtures your creative process and your personal expression, as well as what the art making experience means to you.


Our art therapist can provide therapeutic support that can help you:


  • Improve your communication skills

  • Improve your social engagement and reduce feelings of social isolation

  • Boost your confidence and independence

  • Explore and increase your sense of identity

  • Build your functional capacity and achieve your goals

  • Explore and heal personal issues, such as; body image, self harm, pain management, past trauma, grief, addiction, domestic violence, abuse etc

  • Alleviate your symptoms of depression and increase your emotional well-being

  • Reduce your stress and anxiety

  • Develop your ability to self-regulate and engage in creative distractions to manage persistent thoughts or overwhelming feelings

  • Engage in creative self-expression

  • Gain insight and self-discovery

  • Explore problems creatively and make active changes

  • Make progress and move forward

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