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Our Governance

How we make decisions

GRS operates within a corporate governance framework outlined as below. Our framework is designed with an aim to provide a balance between performance, accountability & quality to ensure that we achieve an optimal clinical outcome, use resources effectively and efficiently, act with integrity and ethically in the best interests of our service users, and our decisions are supported by transparent and clear roles, responsibilities, policies and procedures with a wide consideration & consultation to our team members & stakeholders.

Our corporate governance is achieved through:

Governance committees

which are formed to support the leadership direction of the GRS’ Director & leadership team and ensure effective and timely decision making in the delivery of GRS’ objectives, operations and performance.


that establish key principles, responsibilities and accountabilities which guide the GRS’ service and how it is performed in clinical & administrative areas


and other supporting documents, which are designed to implement the operation and application of our policies.

Governance committees

Group policy and compliance committee (GPCC)

provides assurance and assistance to the Director on the GRS’ compliance management and internal/external accountability responsibilities as prescribed in legislation and standards.

Clinical excellence and risk management committee (CERC)

provides leadership and advice on clinical excellence, innovation and clinical risk management with a focus on optimising clinical outcomes for GRS service users, improving care and safety, championing evidence-based practice and clinical innovation, and supporting multidisciplinary team collaboration.

Finance and business management committee (FBMC)

reports to the Director and focuses on strategic resource decisions including budget development, financial management and controls, and emerging risks to funding, reporting, assets or resourcing. It also has the role in designing, developing, and reviewing business projects related to the GRS’ business operation.

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