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Career Path

We help our clinicians to achieve their personal and career goals 

In GRS, we work closely with our clinicians to build them up to achieve their personal and career goals. We also acknowledge that every team member has different strengths/weaknesses and we have been innovative to create/modify new/current roles to allow our clinicians to have opportunities to experience roles that suits their personal/career plans. In general, our clinical positions is designed based on the following 3 directions:  

Clinical Specialty

Physical Disability

Psychological Disability


Specialist Behaviour Support


Team Leadership

Clinical Education

Clinical Supervision

Team HR Management

Clinical Resources Management

Team Performance Enhancement

Business / Project Development

Quality Improvement

Project Management

Workflow Design

Group Policy Development

Client Resources Management

All GRS positions are designed based on the framework of the Health Professional Award (2022).  We have made the necessary adaption for the positions to reflect our service needs as well as a clear job description to facilitate the clinicians to use this guide to plan for their career progression, both within our organisation and with their general career planning. 

Based on the Award (2022) framework, we have created clear and transparent role definitions and progression plans so the clinicians can have a fair assessment regarding their pay grade based on their achievements, competency and role enhancement. 

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In GRS, we developed a 'performance appraisal & development plan (PADP)' tool to formally assess each clinician's performance and development plan. 

The PADP tool allows the clinicians and their supervisors to have an explicit and systematic framework to objectively evaluate the clinician's performance and achievements.

By using the PADP tool, the clinicians can have a chance to engage with their supervisors to address their developmental needs of the 3 areas outlined in GRS' career development framework.  

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