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General Clinicians

Parallel Lines

Sheena Clark

Speech Pathologist

Sheena has a degree in Languages and Linguistics and completed a Master of Speech Pathology from Griffith University in 2021.
Sheena is a friendly, caring, and enthusiastic clinician who is committed to cultivating strong relationships with her clients and their families to help them reach their potential. She believes everyone has a right to participate in their communication or social endeavours and is passionate about helping others through providing holistic patient-centred care and using evidence-based approaches. Sheena enjoys working with all ages however, she has a strong interest in adult communication disorders. Her years of experience teaching English as a second language to people of all ages and culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds enables her to foster a supportive and inclusive therapeutic environment.

Outside of the clinic, she loves being in nature, doing yoga and has a keen interest in languages. She can speak conversational level Japanese and Portuguese!

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