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Management Team

Parallel Lines

Haozhi (Nick) Jiang

Business Development Manager
Occupational Therapist

Nick holds a bachelor degree in Medicine and a master degree in Occupational Therapist. Nick has 11 years of clinical experience working with patients with various disabilities. He has strong medical/clinical knowledge regarding neurological conditions including stroke, motor neuron disease and multiple sclerosis, particularly with their physical and cognitive rehabilitation process. Nick is also an NDIS approved provider who is competent in completing complex home modification (CHM) for NDIS participants.

Nick also holds a special clinical interest in the integration of the latest Assistive Technology/Information Communication Technology into an individual's daily routine to improve their independence and the quality of life. This includes implementation of advanced electronic assistive technology such as various visual/audio conversation systems (Gridpad, OrCam etc.) to assist an individual with visual or physical limitations to be able to connect to the wider world without depending on another person.

Nick is now leading the business development team of GRS, of which the goal is to continue expand GRS' service scope and quality. Nick is also currently the Chair of the GRS Finance & Business Management Commitee.

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