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Management Team

Parallel Lines

Howard Law

NSW Service Manager
Occupational Therapist

Howard has over 13 years of experience working as an Occupational Therapist in both rural and metropolitan settings. He is confident in developing optimum care plans, promoting client self-care and overall well-being. He has experience in implementing an individualised intervention to patients/families based on their needs and priority. Howard works efficiently within the collaborative and consultative framework in setting functional and realistic goals and time-limited intervention plans for a large caseload.

Howard is confident in providing assessment and intervention for clients with various diagnostic backgrounds, which include orthopedics, vascular, rehabilitation, neurological, geriatric, and other physical disability conditions.

Howard has extensive clinical experiences in complex equipment prescription and home modification. With his special interest and knowledge in pressure care, he is one of the Allied Health representatives at the Statewide Pressure Care steering committee, Clinical Excellent Commission, HealthNSW. Howard is currently the Chair of the GRS Clinical Excellence Committee, of which is designed to ensure our clinical service is governed by the best evidence & practice of the industry

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