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Parallel Lines

Rachael Truong

NSW Physiotherapy Team Leader

Rachael brings more than 9 years of clinical experience drawing on her time at The Royal North Shore Hospital and her experience as a researcher into the community health domain.
Rachael is passionate about being part a team all focused on the same goal of supporting people to live their fullest lives. As such she has a broad-ranging skill set spanning neurological conditions including stokes, parkinsons and neurodegenerative diseases, respiratory and vascular conditions, and other physical disabilities.

Having worked closely with individuals and families along side their medical team through the often complex planning process of regaining function and returning home, she has invaluable experience and skills to share. Seeing the many challenges associated with living with disability, she made the move into the community health setting in order to better support the transition between just being able to move to being able to do the everyday activities that make a difference.

Being a physiotherapist for Rachael is about a desire to connect with people and be on the journey with them - “Let’s give it a go, assess, trial, analyse and optimize.” – her approach to therapy is about the individuality of a person’s needs through the stages and challenges of their health journey.

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