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Improving your physical abilities, injury prevention, health and fitness.

Physiotherapists help people of all age groups by assessing, treating and preventing a wide range of health conditions and movement disorders. We are qualified health professionals and experts in body movement and function. We treat children, young people and adults with disability, heart and lung conditions, neurological and musculoskeletal conditions, and ageing conditions.

Our GRS Physiotherapist will assess what you can do at present and explore and work with you to achieve your goals. You may need a short course of care from our physiotherapist, or care over a longer duration to achieve your goals. Our GRS physiotherapists will work with you to optimise a plan to help you now, and into the future.

You can benefit from physiotherapy to improve :

  • Mobility 

  • Balance 

  • Movement of legs or arms

  • Muscle strength 

  • Fitness

  • Daily jobs, or sports and hobbies

  • Manage pain and chronic conditions

  • Weight management

  • Assess need and prescribe new mobility equipment e.g. wheelchairs and walking aids.


We provide Physiotherapy Services for:

  • Functional Mobility Rehabilitation

  • Mobility aid prescriptions

  • Balance Retraining

  • Strength and Endurance Rehabilitation

  • Exercise Routine Establishment

  • Hydrotherapy

  • Falls Prevention

  • Pain Management

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