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Global Rehabilitation Service offers holistic therapy solutions in New South Wales and Queensland through our multidisciplinary team. We provide services including occupational therapy, speech pathology, psychology, physiotherapy, dietetics, and art/music therapy. Our commitment is to collaborate with you, your family, and other support providers for a cohesive healthcare experience.

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Our mission is to consistently deliver exceptional healthcare experiences for every client by fostering a culture of quality, safety, innovation, and excellence. We achieve this through the dedicated efforts of highly skilled, compassionate clinicians who collaborate closely with each individual and their caregivers, ensuring personalised and exceptional care.

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Clinical Service Streams

Clinical Service Streams

We are dedicated to offering specialized support for individuals with various disabilities spanning all age groups, ensuring tailored care and assistance to enhance their quality of life.

Physical Disability

Individuals with disabilities may encounter limitations in their physical capacities, which can impact their ability to move, perform self-care tasks, and manage their daily lives independently.


Children with disabilities may encounter challenges in their physical, cognitive, social, and emotional capacities, which can impact their ability to learn, engage in play, move, communicate, perform self-care tasks, and interact with others.

Psychosocial Disability

Individuals with disabilities may face challenges in their psychosocial functioning, which can influence their ability to communicate, participate in social interactions, learn, and independently carry out self-care and self-management tasks.

Specialist Behavioural Support

Individuals with disabilities may face challenges in their cognitive, emotional, and social abilities, which can influence their capacity to adapt to social needs, maintain physical safety, achieve emotional well-being, and engage cognitively.

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Our Disciplines


Art Therapy




Music Therapy

Specialist Behaviour Support

Occupational Therapy

Speech Pathology

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Meet Our Team

Meet our experienced, warm, and welcoming NSW & QLD teams of professionals 

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Please utilise the provided links to reach out to us for making referrals or to share your progress and experiences. We look forward to hearing from you:

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